How To Plan Successful And Impactful Church Events

Essential Insights To Intentional Event Planning

I Want Event Success

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Planning each event involves a myriad of details, including coordinating with multiple departments, reserving rooms and/or services, managing expenses, and communicating the event to potential attendees. Here we provide a simple and effective guide to understanding all the factors the influence event success and how to be INTENTIONAL and IMPACTFUL. These are need-to-know insights that can make a huge different to church event success.

D E B O R A H   I K E

|  Velocity Ministry Management

Deborah Ike is the President & Founder of Velocity Ministry Management, dedicated to helping church leaders grow their church and create a life with healthy margins. In addition to serving in ministry, Deborah worked for an international consulting firm and a Fortune 500 company as a consultant, project manager, and risk management analyst.  

Deborah is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP)® through the Project Management Institute.

Impactful starts with Intentionality

eSPACE Work Order Management modules has helped streamline our day-to-day event organization

With eSPACE the easiest part of my operation is now event and maintenance scheduling.

My experience with this product has been so positive that any negatives pale into oblivion.

This software just leap frogged all others and has proven to be the most user friendly interface around.

Don't Take Our Word for It

D A N   B L E V I N S

Manager, Facilities and Security
Colorado Springs, CO

N A T H A N   P A R R

Operations Manager
Belton, TX

L U K E   L I T T R E L L

Operations Manager
Nashville, TN

S U E   M A Y E S

Global Information Administrator
Springdale, AK



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